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OHI is a joint venture and partnership between Occucare International and Gulf Healthcare International. It is a medical centre in Dubai and is the only private, stand-alone centre in the UAE that is dedicated to occupational health comprehensive services..

In addition to occupational health medicine, we also provide general medicine and some specialised medical services such as gynaecology, ophthalmology, cardiology, radiology, dental, ophthalmology etc.. OHI also offers Well Man and Well Woman Health Screening packages for individuals who have regular checks to monitor their health.

These may be employees or prospective employees of companies who want to ensure that they are implementing best practice in the workplace by checking that their staff are healthy and fit for the job they do, and are not being harmed by the job or the environment they work in. There are certain types of jobs or regulatory requirements that require specific types of medical examination and certification that can only be given by a certain type of doctor or facility. This is why OHI is led by two very experienced Occupational Medicine Specialists who bring their qualifications and years of expertise to ensure a comprehensive delivery of truly occupational medicine. European trained and qualified, they are fully supported by a team of medical and administrative staff who also bring many years of experience in general and occupational medicine.

OHI works to very stringent standards and has rigorous Quality Management Systems in place, with certification in both OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), and ISO (Quality Management System)

All major credit cards and health insurance policies are accepted.

Occucare International is one of the largest providers of occupational health services worldwide, founded in 1980 by Dr Jerry McShane (known as Dr Mac). Occucare is family owned and operated, with 4 medical clinics in Houston, Texas and is 100% focused on occupational medicine.

Occucare has cared for more than 100,000 workers in the US and worldwide in countries such as the Middle East, the Balkans, India, Turkey, South America and Africa.

Gulf Healthcare International (GHI) is a private equity backed healthcare group. Its primary shareholders are Global Private Equity in Kuwait and JP Morgan in the United States of America.

In addition to OHI, GHI has 8 clinics and 10 pathology and diagnostic laboratories in the UAE and Kuwait, with occupational health services also available in one of OHI’s sister clinics in Kuwait.


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